Able Walsh


About me

I have lived and worked in the Shoalhaven since 1999 and began working in the real estate industry in 2004.

After leaving school I joined the Royal Australian Navy which is how I was introduced to the Shoalhaven and when I fell in love with all it has to offer. After completing 4 years in the Navy, I spent a couple of years working locally in the tourism and hospitality industry on the Dolphin Watch, Whale Watch and Dive boats and in local cafes and restaurants amongst other 'lifestyle jobs'.

What originally attracted me to stay in the Shoalhaven was the lifestyle it had to offer. I love anything around, on or under the water and in my time off you will find me surfing, paddleboarding, snorkelling, diving or just hanging out with the family and the dog down to the beach for a swim.

I also love being actively involved in the community and assist in many community events (such as the Charity Santa Ride) and I am a member of a number of local tourism and business groups.

Whilst I wasn't in a hurry to give up the 'lifestyle jobs' I did want to embark on a professional career and found real estate a great industry to put to use my people skills.

Having bought and sold property locally, I looked into real estate as it's a 'people' industry where you're constantly working with people to deliver the best outcome and you've always got something to do.

I have an internal drive to consistently improve and deliver the best outcome for all involved. I believe that using technology as a friend is a great way to provide a better service and do a better job for all clients.

Understanding that systems and procedures provide consistent results, I am always looking at ways to improve them and in return improve my services and the services of the business.

Those who give me the opportunity to work for and with them are never disappointed.